Sunday, 6 May 2012


So the giant granny square is finished. It took a little longer than expected but still went quite fast. I made it up to a metre and a half with a whole rainbow of colours. I started with random odds and ends from my stash but quickly realised that my stash just wasn't up to the challenge and just had to drag myself to the wool aisle in prisma ;) i'm really pleased with how it's turned out though and I've decided it's time to try out this Etsy thing. I've set up my shop so now I'll just cross my fingers and see if I get a sale...

I haven't quite decided on my next project yet. I have a renewed stash left over from this blanket so there's lots of potential to try something interesting. I'll just need to wait for some inspiration to come my way...


  1. I LOVE how you mixed your colors to make this beautiful blanket-how in the world did you do it? Please give us a tutorial on how to do this;it's amazing!!

    1. I wish I could take the credit for it but this idea isn't mine. You can see the tutorial at this fabulous blog: