Sunday, 25 March 2012


It seems like there's been a real baby boom going on recently, with about half a dozen of my friends and colleagues having kids within the past year or two. For me this means there's always a need for a new baby blanket in case I'm feeling uninspired. The most recent new edition was a little girl and I decided to try something new this time - pattern linked in my previous post.

I started with a base chain of ch56 and used quite a small hook (either 2 or 2.5mm, the numbers have rubbed off and I can't remember the exact size!) so there are two more rows than the pattern recommends in the top section. I also added in a tie at the top during the final picot edging round by chaining 50 (plus 1 turning stitch) then doing three rows of single crochet. When I ended the first row I took off the yarn and inserted the hook into the next sc of the previous edging rowd and pulled the yarn through it before turning and starting the next row so it was attached well to the garment.

And here's the result:


I teamed it up with a blanket I finished a while back:

This is by far the most delicate blanked I've made, based on the squares in this DROPS Design pattern. It's joined with single crochet and the border is a row of single crochet then a row of picot stitches.

Another favourite from my baby blanket stash is this one, completed about a year ago:
The pattern for this was quite simple, the centre is just a granny square going on for 13 rounds, with colour 1 (pink), colour 2 (yellow) and colour 3 (white) in this order:

   Round  Colour
     1     1
     2     1
     3     2
     4          1
     5     1
     6     3
     7     1
     8     2
     9     1
    10     1
    11     3
    12     1
    13     2

Then 8 squares with colours 1,2,1,3 and 8 with colours 2,1,2,3 using the first four rounds only of SmoothFox's May Flower square, which is available as a free download from Ravelry. Again, the joining is a simple single crochet in white and the edging is a shell edging using [1 sc, skip 2 stitches, 5dc in next stitch, skip 2 stitches, 1 sc in next] for each shell.

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  1. Your creativity is endless. Fabulous creations, absolutely fabulous!